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  • Easy and fast setup
  • Simple WordPress shortcode
  • Full documentation and support.

Facebook Feed (Wall)

  • A realtime Facebook feed (Wall)
  • customizable through CSS
  • Facebook feed (wall) comes with photostrip gallery
  • Inline playing of videos and media
  • Fast loading powered through ajax
  • Design maintained even when Javascript is off
  • Allows connected Facebook users to like, comment and share posts from your wall
  • Ajax loading of comments
  • Integrated with a likebox for Facebook Pages
  • Able to show any user , pages and group walls
  • Automatic loading of older posts through scroll detection

Facebook Albums

  • A gallery of your Facebook albums
  • Customizable CSS
  • Fast photo thumbnails loading
  • Ajax loading

Facebook Photo Gallery

  • Display album photos from that you have permission to view
  • Customizable CSS
  • Limit numbers to show
  • Fancybox slideshow with customizable options
  • Fast and sleek
  • Style maintained even with Javascript off
  • Functions callable in templates

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